1 Whole Year


Ok, now it’s been 2 months since our 1 year anniversary, but it’s still something to talk about. Cameron says he isn’t sick of me yet, so that’s a good thing. I personally am obsessed with him still. But I don’t want to get all sappy. That’s NOT the type of blog I want this to be. 

I still don’t really know what type of blog this is. I’m not a mommy blogger – since I’m not a mommy and also because even when I have kids, I feel there are too many out there on the interwebs. Also, I hope Cameron will occasionally blog, too. He says no guarantees, but maybe he’d be more likely if “mommy” wasn’t attached to it.  

We’ll just say that this is my current project because working full-time and living in an area where we are clearly the youngest couple around leaves me needing a little interaction with others – even if you’re my made up internet friends. 


So what have we done in 1 year?

  • Ate a lot of cake
  • Were put in charge of the 12-13 year-old minds at church
  • Watched Xanadu on Thanksgiving
  • Spent Christmas in AZ
  • Saw Les Miserables on stage (Cam’s first time)
  • Visited Cam’s fam in Washington, DC
  • Saw Kelly Clarkson at Stadium of Fire (a highlight)
  • Watched all 7 seasons of 30 Rock
  • Swam with sea lions in San Diego
  • Skipped the hour-long line of Haunted Mansion at Disneyland 

Here’s to many more years of wishing there were more seasons of 30 Rock and many more visits to Disneyland!


All natural Nokes in every natural Post!


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