Fast Forward

Hey, you’re still here. I mean this blog is still here after two years. Here’s what we look like. Or at least what we looked like in April.


In two years we’ve…

  • Worked for several different companies
  • Learned what love was at a Foreigner/Styx in concert
  • Killed 5.8 bajillion spiders and then became friends with the 1.2 zillion others
  • Produced a man-child (aka had a baby)
  • Became homeowners
  • Went to Disneyworld!
  • Planted a vegetable garden
  • Bought a grill and became grillmasters
  • Welcomed a 5 ft bear into our lives (very important)

Does that mean I have to be mommy blogger now? I’m not one who likes titles/stereotypes/definitions. For example, did you know that HoneyBunches  and I dated for months without ever defining ourselves as a couple or boyfriend/girlfriend? So I still don’t know what this blog is in terms of niche or category, but it is simply my blog.



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