Tot School Tuesday

I’ve started Tot School with Man-child! I knew I needed to have a designated time where I give him my undivided attention where I actively try to help him learn. I started searching and found some good ideas and started putting things together.

What is it? Well it’s just more of a structured play. If I’m not actively playing with him then generally he just crawls around, climbs on stuff, or pulls out all of his toys as his form of playing with them. That’s not necessarily bad, but I know he could learn more. Instead, now we sit together and play for at least a little part of each day. We practice some skills. We celebrate his accomplishments. I found it to be fun and I appreciate our time together more.

I’m still trying to be consistent with doing it everyday. I’m not very good at keeping a regimented schedule so it’s not the same time everyday.

Here is what we did today. These seem to be great learning activities for an 11 month old.

Tot School. Learning activity for 11 month old toddler.

Wooden box and pompoms. This is a favorite! These are from the craft store.

Tot school. Learning activity toddler
He loves opening and closing the lid. I narrate what he does. I count them as we put them in and take them out. We’ve done this a few times now and he still loves it.

tot school. 11 month old activity

This one we’ve had for a while but he’s only just growing into it. This is an empty parmesan shaker and straws. I cut the straws down so they fit better.

Tot School 11 Month old learning activity

Right now we use the side that’s one large opening. He’s only just started trying to put straws in. He got about three in today and we celebrated and he was so proud of himself. As he gets older and his fine motor skills develop we’ll use the other side. Other than that, he likes to shake it and now loves opening and closing the lid.

It’s great seeing how much he’s learned just since last week. I’ll be updating on Tuesdays with new ideas as he grows.


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