Tot School Tuesday

We haven’t done too many new activities for Tot School in the last week. At least not ones I’ve taken pictures of. We’ve repeated activities for the most part. Yesterday we had friends over to BBQ so most of our day was preparing for that, but I did manage to work with Man-child on going down the stairs backwards. He always tries to go face first. Well, it seemed to click yesterday and he’s since turned around for the stairs on his own! He’s even getting off the couch feet first now. He also started yesterday standing from all fours out in the middle of our grass and wanting to walk while I hold his hands. I’m thinking he’ll be walking in a couple of weeks. It’s crazy how one day he can do things he couldn’t do the day before.

Now for our activity.

Tot School 11 months old IMG_0698

Make a shute out of papertowel tubes for pompoms.

This certainly isn’t an original idea as I’ve seen it all over the internet when looking for toddler activities. It’s an easy and cheap activity for an 11 month old that is plenty of fun. It started off playing with them normally. As we went on, he started pulling them off the wall and eating the pom poms. Man-child really liked when I put the pom poms over my eyes. Also when we made the tubes monoculars and binoculars. We even wore the blue bowl as a hat.


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