Halloween Decorations: DIY Potion Bottles

Something you may not know about me is that I love Halloween. I think it came about because I have sisters who loved scary movies. I watched a lot of horror movies as a little kid and that make me question what my parents were thinking, but then I remember my teenage sisters were probably babysitting, so really they are to blame. Why would my mom purposefully scare me enough that I wouldn’t sleep in my own bed?

Anyway, I love Halloween, but more importantly, I love crafts that keep me from doing the stuff I don’t like to do. My showers are looking pretty bad right now, so what am I doing? Halloween decorations, of course!

I made some potion bottles last year for halloween but they weren’t too great and weren’t made to last so I tossed them. It meant that this year I could do it all over again! This is what I came up with.

Halloween Decorations DIY Potion Bottles

I didn’t want them to all match. I thought of it like my cabinets full of what I cook with – none are from the same place or the same brand. This is a witch’s cooking cabinet. I looked through tons of ideas and decided to try a bunch of things out.

There are so many cool ideas if you look on pinterest, but I picked only a few ideas to try. Here is what I did.

DIY Dusty Bottles

These turned out way better than I thought they would. I took inspiration from here, although I didn’t want to take as much time to go through all the steps she did. These are a sparkling lemonade bottle, a jar from jam, another small jar I had, a candy jar from the dollar store, and this awesome tiny bottle from Jo-Ann. First I roughed up a couple of them with sandpaper. This was a lot of work and I couldn’t totally see how it was going, so then I gave up. Besides, I didn’t mind if they didn’t all match.

Potion Bottle TutorialDIY Halloween DecorationsIMG_0742

Then I mixed little water with brown acrylic paint. I added I tiny bit of black because it was a lighter brown. I would put it on, let it sit a few minutes and then wipe it off. I found wiping didn’t totally do it, so I patted it with the paper towel which worked really well. Now I could see that the sand paper ones looked awesome. The ones that weren’t roughed up, I instead let them dry a little more and did the patting method to get the effect. I like how they turned out.

I then filled them with eyeballs, roaches, and rats. Actually you couldn’t even see what was in them so even though they were already dry, I took a paper towel and rubbed them down some more which seemed to help.

Halloween Decorations, DIY Potion Bottles

These are just some cool bottles I decided not to do anything to since they were great on their own. I lucked out in using the last of my balsamic last night and used the awesome green bottle and filled with some sand for “bone dust”. The small one is from Jo-Ann. The test tube is from Michaels and is filled with a mix of sand and glitter of “horn of a unicorn”. The labels I found here.

Witches Jars and bottles how-to

These two bottles I originally set out to do something like this. I think hers turned out amazing!  These are a vitamin bottle and tylenol bottle. I used a serrated knife to rough them up. Then I just used brown chalk paint. As I went on, I realized I didn’t have the time to do all that she did. I just added the labels (from here) with modge podge and hot glued the fabric and rope. Not as amazing as that blog post but in the mix of others, they look ok.

Potion #9 Halloween Decorations

This heart bottle I found at Michaels and thought it would be perfect for Potion #9! What would be a witch without a love potion? I found in the sale bin a purple enamel for glass. I watered it down so it wouldn’t be opaque. This one required baking in the oven. I found the label on a google image search and modge podged it.

The other labels: I bought some last year from Jo-Ann. They don’t have the exact ones, but this year they have these. I found and used these last year.

DIY Potion Bottles, DIY halloween decorations, dirty jars tutorial, witch's jars

I love how they turned out and I feel ready for Halloween aka the best time of the year! Now I guess I can get to my shower scum – but I’m pretty sure those cockroaches in my jar love the scum.


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