Fall Magic

This fall is going to be magical! I just know it. A lot of wonderful things have happened to me in the fall. I spent the fall of 2008 in Europe, fall of 2011 was spent figuring out what I wanted and who I had to be to get it, the first few months of our marriage was in the fall, and I got to know my new squishy baby last fall.

This fall, though, is going to be amazing, too. I have been feeling it for a little bit now, but it was confirmed to me this afternoon as I sat outside with Man-child this afternoon. The chilly wind, rustling leaves and everything that pointed to the change of season. Man-child and I played with his ball and I read my book – which is about witches and vampires, so perfect for kicking off the Halloween season.

While Man-child entertained himself with eating dirt, climbing up and down the steps of the deck and exploring every inch of the yard, I was able to quietly reflect. I may feel like it’s going to be so great because I’m excited for Man-child’s first birthday. It’s not so much the actual milestone, but perhaps that he is becoming more fun and also more independent. It’s also been that long for me to figure out who I am and want to be as a mom.

I also had some wonderful inspiration.It has to be that fall air! I have some pretty great things that I will be working on and I’m looking forward to working them out this weekend so I can start as soon as possible.

Hopefully your fall will be as magical as mine!


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