7 Days to Being Positive

become positive

See this girl on the right? That was me 8 years ago (whoa! I’m old). Back then, I was optimistic, happy, and really excited for the future. I was positive, I didn’t complain all the time, I didn’t get frustrated so easily, I did tons of service, and I described myself as “loving people” (really, I did). I’m so far from that now. I actually frequently say “I hate people”.

I’ve realized recently that I’m not as happy as I used to be. I wouldn’t describe myself as a completely unhappy person. I wouldn’t say I’m a drag to be around, but I know what I used to be like. I want to be the fun-loving, optimistic person I used to be.

I found that I’ve let negative thoughts take over too frequently, so I’m working on being more positive.

I’ve put together a plan for myself. I already started with the first part by unplugging more – giving up facebook and tv, and redirecting my confidence on inner beauty by quitting weightloss efforts.

The rest of the plan will be over the course of the next week. It’s my 7 Days to Becoming Positive.

During the week, I’ll have things I do everyday, as well as items I’ll specifically do for one or two days.


  • Scripture study and prayer: For me, I find that this gives me direction and perspective. I am more aware of who I am and who I am supposed to be. Starting with this each morning starts the day positively and then it is up to me to keep it up.
  • Exercise: I wouldn’t say I love exercise or that it’s a hobby of mine, however, I do find that I feel better if I exercise. It’s not surprising considering it’s supposed to be one the best stress relievers. I also find I’m more confident and feel better about my body.
  • Do something I enjoy: This may seem really silly, but lately I end up pushing and pushing on getting chores done, or taking care of Man-child and Honeybunches that I haven’t left energy for myself. I would usually crash and just watch tv, but that’s not really the same as DOING something I enjoy. I’m going to try to play piano or guitar, read a book, do a craft, or paint my nails, etc.

Day 1: Attitude of Grattitude

Today I started off with a prayer that was only filled with gratitude and no questions. I have a little journal I’m going to take time today to write down what I’m grateful for. I am going to be sure to express my thanks to those I interact with today. So far, I already feel better.

Day 2: Cut ANTs (Automatic Negative Thoughts). I have a tendency to assume I am doing something wrong, or someone is frustrated with me, or I can’t do something. I know that this is a learned response and I have to re-learn to not think this way. I realized this wasn’t a normal way to think through conversations with my husband who doesn’t have this problem. He didn’t understand why I assumed I couldn’t do something if I never even tried. This is a very real problem and for some can be so bad that it leads to depression. For me, I plan on acknowledging when I have the negative thoughts and correcting them by talking back to them. If you have this problem, I recommend reading about it more.

Day 3: Positive Words and Body Language. I’ll be spending time with friends and I plan on being complimentary, speaking only positively, leaning in while listening, making eye contact, and having good posture.

Day 4: Cut Absolutes. I have a tendency to be black or white, all or nothing, the best or the worst. I’ll work on alternative thinking. I’ll write down the negative absolutes and figure out how to turn them into positive alternatives.

Day 5: Service! I’m going to find something to do that’s not focused on myself.

Day 6: Be outgoing! I have something planned that will put me in a place with people I don’t know well. I’m going to focus on meeting new people and asking them questions about themselves.

Day 7: Journal. Write things I like about myself and admire in others. Only positive thoughts.

Follow along. I’ll update as I go.


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