Hey, remember when…

I used to blog? I know, another failed attempt at writing regularly. Well a lot happened and here’s a recap on why I stopped writing.

You see back when I stopped writing it was because I was in this weird slump. And then I found out that slump was because I was newly pregnant! Whoa! I know. I found out on Man-child’s first birthday.

That was in September. Well, my first trimester basically consists of having no brain power or motivation for anything. And a lot of gagging over smells that hardly anyone else’s nose can detect.

But then at the beginning of November, I wasn’t pregnant anymore. I miscarried at 11 weeks. I threw myself into doing stuff that would make me happy and help me just move on.

As I was preparing for the holidays, BAM! I was pregnant again. We spent 2 full weeks across the country with family. And then all the smells and lazy days hit me again. I was basically a useless pregnant blob from September through February, maybe even March, with only a few weeks during the holidays where I felt like a normal human being.

Then April came and Man-child had surgery, and family came into town, and then more family came into town, and we went on a babymoon, and then there was some sickness in there as well.

And here we are in mid-May and I’m almost in the 3rd trimester! When did that happen?

So here’s what we look like in case you forgot.






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