Tot School Tuesday – Apples

We’re starting back with tot school! Now that Man-child is 2, it opens up the world to things we can do.

This week we did some apple crafts. Man-child has never really done crafts like these at all so it was definitely a learning week for both of us.

Colored Paper Apples: First is an oldie, but goodie. Since we’re still reviewing colors, it was great talking about how apples are red and green. He’s never glued anything before and learned that it makes paper sticky. I would put down the glue and he’d stick the squares on. It went over well. We used this printable apple. img_2997

Shadow Puppets: The next day we made shadow puppets. It wasn’t apple related, but perfectly age appropriate. A flashlight was left in our room after a short power outage and Man-child found it. He realized there were shadows as he was pointing it at me and I took it as a fun teaching moment. We spent about half an hour pointing it around the room and also putting our hands in front of light and see the shadows it made. I learned I’m not great at shadow puppets, but he thinks anything that chomps is pretty funny because he likes to make the eating noise. Unfortunately I don’t have any photos.

Apple Stamping:

We used red and green paint and cut the apples 2 different ways.


This was Man-child’s first real experience with paint and he loved it! He liked slamming the apples down hahaha. The apple was a bit big for his hand and a little slippery with the paint. It was a really good thing we used the really washable paint because he got quite a bit on himself. I’m looking forward to doing more painting projects with him.




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