2 Yr Old Birthday Bash

Man-child turned 2! We threw his first birthday party and invited all of his little friends.

A few months ago, Man-child experienced his first bounce house and he LOVED it. Since then he gets excited every time he sees one. We looked into it and found they weren’t that expensive so we thought that would make a great birthday present and make for a really easy birthday party.

Unfortunately it was rainy and cold the Saturday we were originally going to have the party, but we were able to postpone it to Wednesday when we normally have playgroup. It wasn’t the exact day, but he didn’t know the difference.

It’s become a little tradition that I’ve started where you wake up to a surprise on your birthday, so when he came down to breakfast, this is what he found. img_2908

We played with gifts for a bit and then they came and setup the bounce house in the backyard.


He loved it! Friends came over and most of the party, moms were hanging out in the bounce house because some toddlers weren’t too sure of it yet. We ate cupcakes that I had made. Some friends had brought some gifts which was so incredibly kind and generous. We just wanted to have fun with friends and that’s what we did.


After naptime, we spent the afternoon hanging out in the bounce house. It was pretty fun to be just the two of us in there. Around 6 they came and packed up the house and we closed out the day with our usual family dinner followed by more cupcakes. Definitely a day to remember.


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