Year 29

I realized I turn 29 in March. When did I get so old?

I have to admit that I am panicking a little because my twenties haven’t exactly looked the way I expected them to. There are big things I’ve accomplished and done that I always expected I’d do such as my bachelor degree, getting married and having kids, but even with those I’ve had a few nagging things I’ve always wanted but haven’t accomplished and it makes me feel a little … unsuccessful? I don’t know if that’s the right word. It’s a step before failure because I’m not a complete failure.

Well, I’ve been quite motivated lately and yesterday after completing a HIGH fitness class (they’re amazing btw) I had the thought that I can conquer the world! When I came to my senses and thought slightly more rationally, I decided I can conquer some of those things I’ve always wanted to do.

I’ve decided I’m going to make my 29th year my best year of my twenties. I have a great bucket list to complete before March 19, 2017. I’m still working on my to-do list but here’s my start.

  1. Make $1000 a month (I’m learning web development and starting to freelance).
  2. Be in the best shape of my life! Be in the healthy BMI range. Follow my journey here.
  3. Hike Mount Timpanogos
  4. Go on a cruise
  5. Read the Book of Mormon cover to cover.

I’m debating on running a half marathon or doing a triathlon sprint. Another one I’m considering is getting certified to teach HIGH Fitness which seems a little silly considering I can’t even get through a class without modifying, but it seems like a hard, but awesome goal.

If you have suggestions, let me know!


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